8 simple ways to study current affairs

  1. Don’t miss any current affairs news which have regularly updated, regarding political crisis, conservation programmes, schemes for women empowerment, sports news, award sessions, etc…
  2. Prepare topic-wise notes in chronological manner in order to review the past happenings events and understand the differences between past as well as present easily. For example, chronological listing of all the news will help you to understand, which news is belongs to which type of category / family or date & time without any confusion.
  3. Follow the news updates according to the demand of your competitive examination from important sources and organizations.
  4. Don’t read too many newspapers because this will create a undesirable & unrealistic burden in the mind of students. But make sure that, those portion you are going to cover, cover it with honesty & dedication then this will help you a lot in your examination
  5. Don’t study international current affairs without a world map. It doesn’t mean that you don’t know the positions of the countries but the reason is, studying international current affairs with a world map it will help you to understand and analise the related issues in current affairs with their respective neighbouring countries in a proper manner. It will also help you to get the complete copy of locations & picture of political, geographical or societal problems faced by the people geographically.
  6. Don’t murmuring the important dates. Try to associate that date with some signs of remember. It is also important to remember the dates & times of related events / organization or country.
  7. Keep following a most trusted current affairs website or magazine to study without a fear of fake information & topics.
  8. Finally, make your notes in a very-very fair way & solve the current affairs questions papers, offered by some websites for free on daily or weekly basis for your better performance in examination.

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