Prepare Current Affairs for Competitive Examinations

Simply reading news papers and hearing to news channels will not going to make you well prepare for tackling questions on Current Affairs in Competitive Examinations.You needs to be on the right track while preparing for current affairs. Like, you must be preparing hardly & smartly and be updated with the current affairs scenarios, but the result is not as you expect like.Then, here are few things you should keep in mind and go through it while preparing for Current Affairs in order to get expected marks.

Remember these four rules of preparing Current Affairs for Competitive Exams in order to get expected result.

  • Firstly, you should have to focus on current affairs subjects related to the particular Competitive Examination you are preparing for. For example, if you are preparing for administration related Competitive Exams you should more focus on current affairs related to Government schemes, Parliamentary affairs, political and social issues as well as their influence on the economy of a society. While if you are preparing for Banking related competitive examination you should more focus on Business, Corporate, Bank, Economy, etc. This does not mean you miss other aspects but priority should be your own field, first.
  • Secondly, Current Affairs doesn’t mean only for the current matter or situation. Competitive exams like UPSC Civil Services Exams, UPSC, CLAT, and SSC or others competitive examinations can trick you with indirect questions related to current scenario. Therefore, it is important that one should focus on the background as well as history of a particular affair too. This will also help you in coming up with good arguments in Interviews and Group Discussions. This may simply include important definitions, specific dates in the past related event of a news
  • Thirdly, one should make a list of few national & international Events that take place annually, for sure. For example, awards (like Nobel Prizes), appointments, Sport events, International Days, etc. Keep a check list of these events; they may help you in getting a scorable point.
  • Lastly, consider the fact of newspapers and news channels may not going to present you a happening with a exam oriented prospective. This can make you missing of important aspect of a particular event or you might miss the whole affair. Don’t worry. There are other sources too. You should buy few magazines that deal with Current Affairs for Competitive examinations. You can also go through with online resources related to current affairs.

Apart from this, make a note of all the important issues which are happening nationally or internationally & read them and always remember to keep yourself updated in current affairs scenarios. Above all, do put these four Rules on your study table, in case you miss them.

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