How to prepare for SSC without coaching classes

It is not mandatorily to join coaching classes for your examination because you can do it by yourself also and many of our students are doing this also there is not needs to join coaching in our online world not everyone needs to go to a coaching class to clear the examination. Here are some helpful tips to guide yourself for your SSC examination 2020-21 preparation and reach your goal.

First, sincerely go through with what you have studied. SSC is renowned for changing the SSC exam pattern in every few years. Therefore, it is advised to stay updated with the exam pattern and syllabus. Try to understand the approach of the examination and prepare accordingly. Download the latest SSC syllabus from the official website as it gives you a perception of the paper and the right direction to get start with your preparation.

Second, prepare a schedule study. Make a study plan that will cover your syllabus and follow it on daily basis. Estimate the daily study time you can sit for preparation and choose 2 to 3-time slots for studying as it is generally not possible to daily study at the same timings. But try to do not stick studying for just one subject, make a sequence or routine of studying a particular subject. Also, it is our advised to read chapter wise in rotation for every subject either in weekly or mothly but try to cover all perceptions of your syllabus, this results in enhance the learning and help in maximum knowledge to gain.

Third, Time is precious So, try to manage your time-management skills during your examination. During the final examination, you will have to decide how much time to give to a particular subjects and it should be the reasonable & sufficient to meet your goal. You can’t will to lose a single extra minute on any section of yur examination, otherwise you won’t be able to attend another section So, take care of this in your mind and study accordingly. 

Fourth, keep tracking of each & every subjects individually. You need to evaluate and analyze your weak and strong areas in all the subjects like, it will in English, Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude or in General knowledge / awareness. The weak areas might shake your confidence at any times, but it will help you stay aware So, keep tracking that kind of areas and make it strong as soon as possible. 

Fifth, Revise and Analyse. It is important that you do the revision of what you have studied so that you get to knowledge of the level of your preparation. For revision, you can take SSC Mock Tests. It will help you to know your weak and strong areas, and you can do a more focused study for the same. Mock tests will also help you understand the real exam scenario. Revision can also be done by solving previous year sample questions papers and taking online quizzes & in this aspects our and many others current affairs websites are help you a lot.  

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